ASW Google Adsense

Show google ads for Angular application with latest version of Angular.


npm install @asoftwareworld/google-adsense

Add google adsense code

Use the standard AdSense code in your index.html file under <head></head> as you normally would


Import NgModule

And then include it in your module (see app.module.ts ):

import { GoogleAdsenseModule } from '@asoftwareworld/google-adsense';
// ...

  imports: [
    // shown passing global defaults (optional)
      adClient: 'ca-pub-9010581920864857',
      adSlot: 1795662914,
  // ...
export class AppModule {}

Show Ad

Uses global defaults which can be overriden via inputs



adClientstringaccount ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
adSlotstring/numberad slot/number
adFormatstringadsense ad format
adRegionstringolder adsense code to make all ads on page the same
displaystringelement display style
heightnumberelement height in px
widthnumberelement width in px
layoutstringused for in-feed ads
layoutKeystringused for in-feed ads
pageLevelAdsbooleanenable page-level ads
timeOutRetrybooleanon first load sometimes adsense is not ready. retry’s push after x ms
adteststringsets up some sort of google test ad
classNamestringadd custom class names to the “asw” element


MIT License.


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